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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Bubble It

A Beeston based estate agents called CP Walker, is currently celebrating its 120th anniversary. So to commemorate this, the owners decided to partly sponsor an event at Broadgate Park yesterday called 'Party in the Park'.

It was similar to the carnival event a couple of months ago, with various stalls and music. And lasted all afternoon, and was well attended. The weather was lovely and sunny too. Perfect for any outdoor event.

One entertainer that caught my eye was 'The Big Bubble Man'. As his name infers, he creates bubbles with soapy water. But not just any bubbles. Giant ones, or hundreds of little ones at a time, through a giant piece of special string on two very long poles, which he dipped in a large bowl of soapy liquid and then life the poles into the air, and all these bubbles then appeared.

The children loved it, aid I watched them running around and trying to catch them. But of course they couldn't. And if they did, they would just pop, and a small shower of soapy water would fall to the ground.  There was also the opportunity of people having a go themselves. But on a much smaller scale.

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