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Monday, 22 August 2016

ET - Enormous Talent

A co-worker said that she was in the city centre on Saturday and heard a really wonderful busker called Sian Alex. Sian, as in the Welsh spelling she added

She wondered if it was a musician I knew, as I know a few nowadays. I said that I hadn't heard of her before, but was intrigued to know what she sounded like, as my co-worker was really enthusiastic about her.

Bizarrely enough, whilst out for my lunchtime stroll, who happened to be setting up on Bridalsmithgate, but none other than Sian. So I said hello, while she was sorting out her cables, and asked her if she was starting, or packing up. Alex replied that she would be starting shortly. So I said that I would come back shortly.

When I returned to Bridalsmithgate Alex was singing away. In fact I could hear her as I was walking up St Peter's Gate. So I stopped and listened to a couple of her songs. And indeed she was very good. Some nice folk songs. Original ones too I think. But sadly I had to return to work. But I dropped some money in her collection box before I left.