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Friday, 5 August 2016

Run For Home

I don't normally take photos of sport, as I have no interest in it at all, but a friend of mine is currently training to be a sports therapist, as as part of that he is learning how to do massage.

He and the others on the course were given the opportunity of putting into practice what they have learnt so far, as they were invited to a sponsored running event that took place tonight.

What was good was that the university grounds and Highfields Park were being used for the route. 10 kilometres I believe. So I went along to give him some support before he was needed and to show him where to go.

I got there first, as I came straight from work, and managed to witness the start of the race. There were over 400 competitors involved in the action. But had long gone by the time my buddy arrived.

He then met up with some other people from his course, so I know that he was going to be alright. So I left him with his fellow students, and went home to get ready to go to the Riverside Festival and meet up with a couple of other friends called Rupert and Kay, who lead a band that I've mentioned before called The Disco Prophets.

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