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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

You've Been Framed

Nottingham Castle has just opened a very special exhibition that goes on until October.

The castle has been loaned from the Royal Collection ten original drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci, which are over 500 years ago.

So I paid a visit today, just to see what's on offer. Apparently its been estimated that in the region of 80,000 people will see the pictures over the next three months. Fortunately it wasn't too busy at lunchtime, despite being the school holidays, so I had a good look at the   line drawings, which consisted of life studies, animals and diagrams. Sadly his design for a helicopter, or a pencil drawing of the Mona Lisa wasn't included.

Photography is allowed, but no flash. Which is fine by me, as I'm sure it would ruin the photo anyway with the reflection in the glass frames. I took a few shots, but weren't really happy with them. As I think I might have had the wrong lens on. But at least with my new season ticket, I'll be able to keep going back until I get the photos I want.

I took the photo above when I first walked in. They are not the Da Vinci ones, just a collection of work by different artists. I just think that the photo works well, showing the five people intently studying the framed pictures.

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