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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Signs Of The Times

It's another Headbanger Challenge today, and I've set the theme this week. I've gone for "famous street names in your town". Nottingham is blessed with quite a few. Here's three that I knew about, but which unfortunately do not share the same attributes as the originals. Broadway has no theatres; Abbey Road does not have a zebra crossing and Regent Street only contains a pizza parlour, a hairdressers and a builders.

My other photo complements the Duffy hit from 2008. If I had some spare time, I would have got in my car and snapped 'Electric Avenue' for you, the 27 year old Eddy Grant reggae hit.

Please visit the four other contestants' pages to see what they have come up with. Maybe they have found a Downing Street, a Blueberry Hill or a Coronation Street.