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Monday, 24 February 2014

Rock n Roll

The Navigation last night was buzzing with music.  These are the Outriders, a 1950s rock band, who were really very good. Eddie, on the right sounded an exceptional guitarist and really twanged those notes.

I can't say that I am particularly fond of 50s songs, but found my feet and hands tapping along to the tunes, some of which were familiar, but many were not. I found the film show of photos of 1950s Americana interesting, and sometimes amusing to see what appeared while the musicians played.

Gail and I went ostensibly to support Dave a neighbour of ours, who was playing with a mate, and had decided to call themselves The Tank Tops, after the same style jumper that they were both wearing.

They played a short set of well known covers by the likes of the Everley Brothers, Buddy Holly etc. After a couple of false starts, which Dave made a joke of, the duo got into their stride and entertained the audience for half an hour or so with their tunes.