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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Decade Of Nottingham Blogging

Well today's the day, Nottingham Daily Photo is now ten years old.

It's been a long, interesting, but sometimes disappointing journey. But most of the time it has been fun, and I have been to take photos at some great places and met some very nice people.

I like to think that my photography has come on in leaps and bounds, and I take photos a lot more professionally now than I used to.  I've also gone through quite a few cameras by different companies. I started off with a little Canon point & shoot, next came Panasonic. Canon again. A DSLR this time, but couldn't get on with it. So I sold it and got a Nikon D90. Which I enjoyed using. But it got damaged. I got some insurance money for it, and instead of getting another one, Gail & I invested in the bigger D3s instead.

Bigger and heavier it was, but then came along the nifty Olympus EM-5, which was half the size and half the weight; but the photos are just as good. I have since slightly upgraded to the EM-1, which I am very happy with and will probably go on using until it wears out.

Strangely enough my first blog entry wasn't about Nottingham at all, but Dubai. My early posts were also about Sydney, Crete and Bangkok. My first one about Nottingham appeared on April 3rd.

So now over 3300 entries later, we arrive at today's post. A rather cute cuddly fox that I took yesterday at Bardills, our local garden centre.  I thought he resembled Sherlock Holmes, with his little cap and waistcoat.

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