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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shopping For Lord Vader

I didn't think Darth Vader had time for photography, as he was so busy trying to rule the universe and eliminate all the Jedi knights, but I spotted one of his Stormtroopers out shopping for camera equipment at the Photography Show.

He must have had a lot of money to spend, as the Stormtrooper has a shopping trolley to fill. I don't know what currency he'll try and use to pay for the cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, as the stalls only take Sterling, Euros or credit cards.

Apparently the Stormtrooper's name is Eric and he has become quite well known on the Internet, as his visits to Earth have been documented by a photographer called Darryll Jones. If you want to see what else Eric has been up to, then pop over to Eric's page.