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Monday, 14 March 2016

Face From The Past

Browsing around one of the many charity shops in Beeston that I like to do on a Saturday morning, I came across a paper bag containing some old photos and negatives from the 1920s.

Twenty seven negatives and eighty eight small, black & white photos, were in the bag for £2.49. None of the photos were that interesting. But for such a small price, I just couldn't resist. A shame that they weren't like the Vivian Maier collection that someone bought from an auction that she took in the 1950s & 60s, but it's still an interesting find.

I wondered how I could turn the negatives into positives. Then I remembered that on some  photo software that I've got, there's a program that can change photos into negatives. So I wondered whether it would do the opposite. So after scanning the negative, I found what I wanted, and clicked the button, and if by magic, this image appeared. Possibly seen for the first time.

It's not a particularly exciting photo, but it is interesting from a social point of view, and with the fashion of course.  I've got no idea as to where it was taken. Some of the photos have Ilfracombe and Lemington Spa written on them. While the packets from the developers come from Bournemouth and Felixstowe.  Despite its age, the negative is in quite good condition. I've hardy touched it at all in Lightroom, except for a bit of darkening and sharpening. More to come.