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Saturday, 9 April 2016

No Blues In The Pottle

Beeston welcomed it's first new pub in a long, long time today, and what makes A Pottle of Blues extra special, is the fact that it is a micro pub. It opened at lunchtime today, and I believe I was the first paying customer, with someone I know quite well being the second.

The pub is a based in a former shop, just of the high road, and I have been following it's progress, both on line, and in person, when I've been on my way to Sainsbury's. Being a micro pub, it's if course not that big, but has some quirky features, like the bar being made out of an old piano.

I found out that a pottle is a container that is big enough to hold half a gallon of liquid. It is also the maiden name of the co-owner Jen, while her husband Ralph plays in a blues band. Hence the unusual name and the musical theme.

I took Gail along tonight to show her what it was like, and to see how busy they were. The place was really buzzing when we got there. Someone we know called Matt was sitting with a drink, so we sat with him and chatted about the pub and how good it is for Beeston, especially as so many pubs are currently closing around the country.

They have a small selection of real ales, fruit ciders and wines. We stayed for a while longer, then went to a local pizza place called Poppa's Pizzas and bought a couple of 8 inches to take home and enjoy whilst surfing the net.

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