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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Question Time

TV reporter Dominic Littlewood was in town tonight, asking people about what they thought of terms and conditions set out by companies.

Are they fair for the consumer, or stacked towards the company?

Fortunately he didn't ask me, as I wouldn't really know what to say, except I think they are   created for the firm's benefit. Non cancellable hotel rooms. A very short time to return items.

At least with laws like the Sale of Goods Act, consumers do get some protection. But sometimes even that can go wrong.

I was planning to go somewhere tonight, and was heading that way, when I had a change of mind, and decided not to go. While I was walking across the Old Market Square, I saw a small crowd of people. So I thought to myself, what's going on. So I headed towards the people and realised that there was some filming going on. I wondered if it was Notts TV, as they are always out and about. But no, it was a familiar face from the TV. Although I sometimes get him mixed up with comedian Andy Parsons.