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Sunday, 3 April 2016

What A Load Of Rubbish

There is a rather controversial advertising campaign going on at the moment in Nottingham. The city council have produced a number of posters warning people about giving money to beggars, as they believe it will be spent on drugs, drink or somehow fund criminal activity.

But the posters have not been very popular in some quarters, as they have said that it demonises the homeless, and they should be helped, not criticised. There have been calls for them to be removed. An on-line petition has been created, for people to sign.

Nottingham's version of Banksy is called Questionmarc, and they have altered the posters with their own wording, which the council don't like and have quickly got them removed.

Bizarrely enough, one of the posters has appeared on EBay, and has fetched £3200. Apparently the money raised will go to help Nottingham's homeless.

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