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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Easily Read

Rough Trade is more well known as a music store. They also sell various books, so it was a good setting for the UK launch of The Third Script book; a volume of short stories from writers in the UK, Tasmania and Iran.

My friend Matt has a story in it called Tom's Eyes. It's a true story about a terrifying adventure he had some time ago, when he went to live abroad.  Some of the other writes are in the photo, together with some others who read extracts from a couple of the Iranian and Tasmanian stories, as obviously they couldn't be there in person.

Also in the photo at the very back is screenwriter William Ivory, well known for the film 'Made in Dagenham', which was about a strike at Fords in the late 1960s over equal pay for women. And also at the back is none other than our very own official Robin Hood, who spoke for about five minutes about how good it was to live in Nottingham.

One of my favourite local bands The Madeline Rush played three new songs, acoustically this time. Which were of course very good. I bet they should a lot more grungier with their guitars plugged into their amps.