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Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Dog With No Name

Gail & I spent a nice afternoon at a spring fair, that was being held at the local golf club's Walled Garden.

There were quite a few stalls there selling gifts, plants, clothes and food. Another good photo opportunity for us, as there were some nice things on sale. One stall was quite quirky, as it had toy plastic animals and dinosaurs dotted around the table.

We bought some home made jams, and Gail fell in love with this colourful, amusing metal dog. With its friendly eyes and springy tail.

When we finished we had a look around the Walled Garden, as we had never visited it before. We know that it is used for weddings, as we can hear music sometimes, as we don't live that far away.

Gail came up with this idea of taking a photo of our new 'pet' hiding amongst the shrubbery.

We just need a name for him, or her now. So if anyone's got any suggestions, then please let us know.