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Sunday, 8 May 2016


For those that enjoy natural history documentaries on television, the name of David Attenborough will be synonymous with his programmes, where he has looked at wildlife in practically every part of the planet. He must have got through hundreds of passports since he started broadcasting in the 1950s. David had an older brother Richard, who was a famous actor and film director.

Well today marks his 90th birthday, and one present he has received is having a new research vessel named after him, rather than Boaty McBoatface, which the general public voted for.

Nottingham also has an Attenborough, it's where the nature reserve is, and not far from where I live. It too has also just reached a birthday milestone, having got to its 50th year of being open to the public.

As it was such a lovely sunny day, Gail & I popped down to see if anything was happening. There were certainly plenty of people about, feeding the birds and enjoying the sunshine.

We had firstly been to the garden centre to get some plants for the hanging baskets. Then Gail said about visiting the very popular tourist attraction. I only had my 25mm lens on my camera, so I was going to be a bit limited to what sort of photos I could take.

But I'm quite happy with this one of a swan having a stretch. There are lots of swans and ducks that have made their home there, but there are also some more shy birds that live there, and have their nests some way off and out of sight. The nature reserve is often publicised for having rare birds land there for some in-flight rest and food.