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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

In Or Out?

On June 23rd, the UK has a vote on whether it want's to remain in the European Union, or come out.  It joined in 1973, and is one of 28 countries that make up the EU.

I went along to the Parish Church tonight, as there was going to be a debate about whether the country would be better off being in or going out. I was hoping to get some sort of answer, as I really don't know at the moment. Yes, I can see the advantages, and I can also see the problems. One being in how the EU actually operates, and what unfair influence it can have on a country.

There were a group of six people, sadly in a way all men, that were going to answer questions suggested by the audience. I submitted one about getting to the actual facts, despite all the scare stories, false information and general propaganda instigated by both sides.  This panel consisted of a couple of academics from the University of Nottingham. One Greek and one from Pennsylvania, America. Both professors. Also present was the BBC's local political correspondent John Hess.

There were around a hundred people in the audience, who were mainly of the older generation. As people were entering the church, they are asked if they would like to vote; in, out or don't know. I of course voted 'don't know'.

The discussion went on for a couple of hours, and touched on subjects like trade, immigration and travel. It was quite interesting to hear a discussion, rather than a dogfight, which you usually get with politicians.

At the end though I still am not fully convinced either way. But as John Hess said, everyone should vote, even if it means tossing a coin.  Heads in, tails out.