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Sunday, 16 November 2008

If Only Another Week

Gail and I are trying not to be too down about being back in the UK, and as I predicted, it began to rain almost as soon as we left Birmingham Airport. Also to make matters worse, Emirates have lost our luggage.

If only we could have had a few more days, we both said to each other. But for slightly different reasons. Gail would like to stay so she could have done some more sunbathing, while I wanted to stay, so I could see Kylie in concert next Friday.

Dubai seems to be attracting quite a few top acts there now. Just this week the singer Fergie was doing a concert, and the re-formed Queen were playing. We thought about seeing Queen, but they wouldn't be the same without dear old Freddie, and Fergie doesn't sing the sort of songs I like.

This is the last Dubai photo on NDP, although I will be posting plenty more on my Dubai page; just click the link on the left.