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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Robin Hoody

No, it's not what it seems. Robin Hood hasn't turned into a vandal. Although I don't think aerosols were around in the outlaw's day, so I think we're safe!

It's actually a scene from a film that a friend of mine is making about the history of Beeston. Matt, who runs and writes the Beestonia blog LINK and Beestonia magazine LINK has written a script about Beeston and filming is currently underway.

I don't know what the finished product is going to be like, but I can expect great nuggets of information, familiar scenes and some surreal humour. Just like with this scene of Robin Hood spraying 'paint' onto a street sign.

Robin Hood is another friend of mine called Tim. He is Nottingham's official Robin Hood and often makes guest appearances at events, promotions and on television. Tim's also a great guy who loves science fiction, the Boar War, prog rock and role playing games.