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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Dinky Dozen

Today is apparently Earth Day, a celebration of the planet that we all live on.  The sad thing is that most people don't think much of it the other 364 days.

Seas are polluted; the rain forests are being cut down at a rate of knots; practically every day flora and fauna are in danger of becoming extinct.  Poaching, animal abuse, the list goes on. It makes me so sad. So I was really happy to see this proud mother duck and her 12 little babies learning to swim in the canal, as I cycled by.

I stopped to take some photos, but she must have known, as she got her brood together and swam off in the other direction. So I followed and tried to overtake her, but she stopped and then went the other way. I got this as she headed off to safety.

This entry also celebrates my 2800th post. Phew!