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Monday, 5 May 2014


The Brewhouse Yard area below the castle is usually a calm and quiet area. But the sights and sounds of the 1940s were bought to life today with music, fashion, vehicles and dancing.

Obviously the war years played a big part, with guys dressing as both British and American soldiers, like this guy surveying the scene below.

Quite a few old cars had been bought alongs. A couple of Rileys. I even saw an old Citroen. There were a couple of Jeeps there and an old ambulance.

Some of the ladies had really gone to town with their outfits, like this young lady who happily posed for me whilst enjoying an ice cream.

I'm always amazed as to how much effort some people go in recreating the past, and what era they pick. I have a couple of friends who like wearing vintage gear. Amy, who I saw today, loves the 40s/50s and Tricia who loves the Mod fashion and sounds of the 1960s. I don't know what era I would choose, if I wanted to go revisit the past. Maybe the 1930s, as I love art deco, or I wonder if its too early to become a 1980s New Romantic?

Then there was Frank the chihuahua. He was happily sat on the bonnet of a Jeep. But when I tried to take his portrait, he just wouldn't sit still. It took ages and many shots to actually get one where he was in a good position and not moving. That's his slightly blurred owner in the background.