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Thursday, 29 May 2014


I' paid a visit to The Exxopolis when it first came to Highfields two years ago. It came last year as well, but I couldn't go as they had closed it due to bad weather. It was really windy if I remember rightly.

It has not been brilliant today with raining all the time, but happily it was up and open, and even better, tonight was for adults only.

For those that have not seen it before, The Exxopolis is a massive inflatable structure which is made from a thin coloured rubberlike material which is naturally lit. New age music constantly plays as you walk through the different coloured sections. You can sit or lay down and relax. Some people may even drift off to sleep as they imagine to be inside their own coccoon.

The installation has been created by the Architects of Air and has travelled across the world. It has recently been to Sydney where it was sited by the Opera House.

It is only here until Sunday, as it's one of the shows that is part of the neat14 festival. So get down to Highfields before then to enjoy this unique experience.