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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Music Lesson

For the past few years Nottingham University has hosted a one day event called Mayfest. It's where various schools of education open their doors to let people know what they do. Geography, science, history etc. It's mainly aimed at children to give them some enthusiasm towards education and going to uni sometime in the future, but adults are welcome as well.

This year was no different. I wandered around the Trent and Portland buildings looking at the different things on offer, such as teaching people about Mobius strips, recycling and becoming a vet.  One of the lecturers told me about his work in obtaining some Victorian moulds of the geology of the Lake District, which he intends to put on display in Kendal, after making a few images from them.

A couple of things I came across and which had nothing to do with the event were seeing a plaque on the wall in the entrance of the Portland Building which stated that Paul MacCartney' new band Wings played their first gig there in 1972. It was the first concert in a number of dates at different universities. The ticket price was 40p, which is worth about £4 in today's money. Which is probably very cheap to see an ex Beatle.

Talking of which here's a poster of the supergroups' popular work Yellow Submarine. I was walking up some stairs and came across a small booth. It might have held a telephone before everyone had mobiles. The walls and ceiling were covered in posters of gigs, albums from different rock artists.