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Thursday, 1 May 2014

And The Band Played On

I did something tonight that I don't really do, and especially not in public. No, it's not what you my be thinking, but I sang. Not very well, as I have a voice like a rusty foghorn.

As many of you will know from my different postings, Beeston is presently in turmoil as a new tramline is being built through the town. But it is now about six months behind schedule, and the workmen, for various reasons don't appear to do much all day except dig holes or stand around in groups chatting.

Sometime ago, an anti tram ranting room was started up where people could talk about the chaos it is causing, long traffic jams, lack of progress, shops losing money as people stay away.. A few weeks ago, one of the members wrote some lyrics to the tune of the Muppet Show. It was then suggested that people get together to make a video of it. So tonight Beeston's brass band and some residents (including me) got together at the White Lion pub, which incidentally is on the route and performed the song.

Here's the YouTube link to the song. Enjoy -