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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Up For Sale

This former vicarage directly opposite the castle is now up for sale. It's asking price, £1.2 million. If I had the money, I would snap it up, as it's a huge property, full of character, with a great garden and fantastic views across the city. And also it wouldn't be too far to travel to work. I expect some property developer will buy it and turn it in to luxury flats. I just hope they won't spoil it too much.

The Headbanger theme this week courtesy of Lammy is 'harvest'. Certainly one for my thinking cap, as I live in a town, and miles away from any fields. Of course there's plenty of scope for interpretation, I took some photos of a stall selling fruit and veg yesterday, but wasn't too happy with the results. So dipping in my archive, I came across this freshly cultivated field of straw, where the farmer had created these giant round bales.

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