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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Yellow Peril

I've chosen this week's Headbanger Challenge theme of "sound creation". So many possibilities to choose from. But after much deliberation, I've gone for the striking of a clock. And how we are ruled by time. Bong! Alarm goes at 7am. Bong! Catch the bus at 8. Bong! Be at work for 9. Can't be late. Bong!

But then the actual passing of time is silent. The years, months, days and hours fly by in complete silence. You can lead a noisy life, or a quiet life. The amount of sound you create is up to you. If there were no clocks, you would have no real idea of what the time actually was. Sundials can give you a rough idea. But on a cloudy day, you wouldn't know if it was morning or afternoon.

Today's picture isn't a close up of a crayon, but is in fact a painted bollard that I took in a multi-storey car park. A Flickr pal has started a pool of this particular car park in town. It's ugly, crumbling away, has no aesthetic features at all, but he's managed to eke out some interesting shots. So I've been popping along to see if I could spot some hidden gem there.