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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Burying Ones Head In The Sand

Lanny has chosen this week's Headbanger Challenge, and has gone for 'Make Do'; something that probably happens a lot on a farm. During World War II, 'make do and mend' was a rallying cry to everyone in England, as people did what they could for their country. There was no waste. Old paper, metal, food etc was recycled for the war effort. Gardens were dug up for growing food. There was food rationing of course, but somehow nobody starved, and everyone seemed a lot healthier than they do today. Maybe because there was no processed junk foods, fast food outlets (except for fish and chips) and less choice.

At the Brewhouse Museum they have an area decked out like an air raid shelter, and one the wall are all these posters promoting and reminding people what they can do to help the country win.

Don't forget to visit all the other gang members to see how they have interpreted the theme.

By comparison, today's blog picture features fast food, albeit a healthy one. Ostrich meat is a fairly recent introduction into people's diets. I've tried ostrich meat sausages and burgers. Not from this new cafe though, but from a farmers market that appears in the square once a month, and very nice they are too. Full of flavour, without all the nasty fats that usual red meat contains.