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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

A Touch Of Red

It's the Wednesday Night Headbanger Challenge again, and this week we have a new contestant joining us called Sandy. Welcome then Sandy to the club.
This week's theme is an easy one for a change and thought up by Tom. And its the colour red. There are so many red things out there, so it was quite hard making a choice. I could have gone for the easy options like telephone kiosks and pillar boxes. Clothing, painted wood and the like were another area ripe for investigation. But last Friday was 'Red Nose Day', which is also known as Comic Relief, where people do silly things to raise money for charity. It was started several years ago and has happened every year since. Millions of pounds have been raised, which mainly goes to Africa, but a bit goes to groups in this country. People raise money by doing all sorts of mad activities. I have no idea what this person has been up to, but hopefully they raised some money for the charity.

While I was at the transport museum on Sunday, I saw a number of buses. So to tie in with the red theme, here are two for your delectation.; the famous Routemaster up for repair, and a fine example of a 1950s double decker from a local company.

Don't forget to see what the other members of the gang have come up with.