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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Plenty Of Room On Top

I paid a visit to the Transport Heritage Centre at Ruddington today, as they, and many more museums were opening their doors for free, as part of the 'Big Day Out' promotion that happens once a year across the county. I've been wanting to visit the centre for a while now, so this was a good opportunity. Gail didn't want to come with me, as she said that she had better things to do.

There were a few buses on offer, some of which I had previously seen at Wollaton Park, an number of working miniature steam engines, a tabletop model railway and some real trains. They were providing short trips on one, which I went on. I sat in one of the old style first class carriages, where six people sat in compartments. These were phased out in the early 1970s, where they were replaced with the open airliner style.

Here is one of the buses that I saw there. It is quite unusual, being an open top type. Something that Nottingham no longer uses, although some other manjor towns have them, mainly for tourists to ride on.