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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


'Flags' is this week's Headbanger Challenge theme and comes way across the pond, from Tom. Now flags have nearly always been colourful to look at and the history of them can be quite interesting. Take the Jolly Roger for instance. The traditional flag of pirates. Who was Roger and why was he jolly? Obviously not so jolly for the ships crew that have been murdered and robbed by the likes of Bluebeard etc. Nowadays the 'skull and crossbones' is used to warn people of poisons and dangerous chemicals.

New flags have to be created when new countries begin, such as all those former states of the USSR. Nottingham itself now has its own flag, as seen on my title header background. This began earlier this year with a discussion on a local radio programme. Many buildings across the county now fly it from their poles.

My header photo this week commemorates those American soldiers from the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment who were based at Wollaton Park during WW2 and lost their lives during the D Day landings. In a way it could also symbolise the friendly 'battle' that we have each Wednesday between the three of us headbangers here in the Midlands and Lanny, Sandy and Tom in the States.

Today's photo is another from the archives, as I am off work this week and haven't really had the opportunity of taking any new shots. I took this last year also in Wollaton Park, where they held some battle re-enactments. Here you can see two cavalry officers holding the English flag and the Union Jack.

Finally don't forget to have a look at the team's interpretations of the theme and enjoy this great song by Pink Floyd and which features some pretty big flags and lots of symbolism.