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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Moving Pictures

Sandy has thought up this week's Headbanger Challenge and has gone for 'moving pictures'. My little brain mulled this over for a while and came up with four possible solutions:

1, a photo of someone literally carrying one or more pictures
2, a photo of something connected with the cinema
3, a photo of something or someone being on the move
4, a photo of something that moves ones heart

I was planning on going for the first option, but unfortunately I have not managed to spot anyone carrying a framed print around the streets of Nottingham, so I went for option 3, a vintage car at Wollaton Park given a bit of speed by panning the camera whilst pressing the shutter.

My blog post today follows option 4, this cute little doggie called Molly, that belonged to one of the performers at Beauvale Priory. There's an extra 'Ahh' factor, as the poor little mite was recovering from a broken leg.

For further pictures which contain movement, please pop along to the gang's blogs though the tabs above and enjoy this piece of moving music