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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Keeping Warm

The Headbanger Challenge is with us once again, and this week's theme has been dreamt up by Tom the fisherman. He's gone for 'big bird'. Now I've resisted the temptation of putting up a photo of a very large woman, you'll be pleased to know, as I'm not that naughty. Even though there's no shortage of them in Nottingham!

Instead I've though outside the box a bit and gone for a shot of a cafe that sells ostrich burgers and sausages. The ostrich being the biggest bird on the planet. Even though it can't fly, but can run at speeds approaching 45mph. The meat has become very popular these days, as it is leaner in fat and very tasty. Do pop along and see the rest of the gang's interpretation of the theme and enjoy this lovely song from Christine McVie from the great Fleetwood Mac, rather than their classic Albatross.

Today's photo is of a juggler who I saw performing on Bridalsmithgate. He was very daring juggling with fire on such a windy day and with so many people walking about. I watched him for a little while and could smell the paraffin he was using. I don't think too many people were interested in watching the stunt. I think they were more bothered about getting their shopping done.