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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Star Turn

Country's biggest superstar was in town tonight at the Ice Arena. Dolly Parton, fresh from her stint at Glastonbury over the weekend, popped into the city to entertain a sell out concert.

Not really being a Dolly Parton fan, and certainly not willing to pay £60 for a ticket, I passed up the opportunity of seeing Miss 9 to 5.

Instead I happily listened to Nottingham's latest rising star Joy Mumford. Who entertained me and Dolly's loyal fans while they waited to be let in.

Joy sang and played guitar for around 40 minutes, with a mixture of original songs and covers, in a calm laid back style, similar in a way to Joan Armatrading.  The growing audience appeared to be enjoying her style of music while they sipped on their Pimms that was being sold from a stall close by.

Joy recently won a competition where the prize is playing at Splendour, the all day gig at Wollaton Park, whose headlining band are the reformed Boomtown Rats.