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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Market Day

The old garage belonging to Barton's has been used for all sorts of things since it stopped being used for buses.

Today it was turned into an indoor market, which was amusingly entitled 'Not the Camden Market'. There were quite a number of stalls that were selling things ranging from artwork and vintage clothes, to books, plants and jewellery.

The best one was the one that had home made bread and cakes on it. We bought a loaf of yeast free bread, one of the mountain cakes you can see in the photo, a fruit tart and a massive flat cake with chocolate in it, which I polished off, while Gail ate a freshly cooked bacon sandwich.

I couldn't go to Barton's and not take a photo of one of their wonderful old buses. This one which was built in 1947 is soon going up for sale. I don't know how much they will be asking for it, but I'd certainly buy it if I happen to find a few thousand pounds lost down the back of the sofa!