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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Glad To Be Gay (2)

Nottingham Pride today. And what a colourful, musical day it was. Met up with a friend who has a band, and they opened the event with a fresh new line up.

There were certainly plenty of characters about, but I spotted these two girls waiting near a tram stop at then end of the day. I like the way they were standing, like Agnetha & Frida did in some ABBA videos from the 70s.

It was a much smaller event this year, and took place in the Lace Market, rather than the Arboretum like last year. Apparently the event lost a lot of money, so they have gone back to basics and scaled things down a bit. I hope this one breaks even, if not makes a bit of money for them, so it comes back next year, as I hand a very enjoyable day.