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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Allo, Allo

I popped into out local junk shop yesterday. Well, when I popped in, I meant that I had a rummage through the boxes that the owner had placed outside his shop.

Looking through a box of old telephones, I came across this French Bakelite model, which is dated 14 May 1954. So presumably that would be the date of manufacture. It looked in quite good condition and has this extra earpiece, so that someone can listen in without being heard.

I decided to buy it, as I thought it would make a good prop for a possible photoshoot. I can imagine the scene of two men, obviously spies, sitting and listening to some coded message from their leader.

I wonder where the phone came from. Translating some of the words, it may have been a hotel, as there is 'information', 'fire', 'police' and possibly 'disturbances'.