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Monday, 4 August 2014

Never Forget

Today marks the100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1. A century ago the world was embroiled in a very bloody war that lasted four years, and cost countless thousands of lives.

New ways of killing were invented, machine guns, tanks and of course the deadly mustard gas.  Aircraft were also turned into warplanes, and the Royal Flying Corps; the forerunner to the Royal Air Force was founded.

There are lots of commemerative events going on all over Nottingham, but I am taken by this diorama that has been created by Lesley Cook from Sneinton. It is currently on display in the window of the tourism office in the Old Market Square.

As the model is quite big, I have had to split it into three sections, and it's always difficult trying to shoot through a window, especially on a sunny day. But it is very impressive work, and hardy surprising that it took him two months to complete.