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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rusty Metal

I had the great pleasure of seeing Beeston band The Madeline Rust perform their new album Truth and Consequences in full tonight at a gig in the city centre.

Although I have heard of the band before, I have never seen them play live, even though the three main members of the band live only a stones throw away from my house. Please don't try to prove it either guys!

 Lucy has a really powerful voice, even though she's slim and only about five feet tall. She can scream out their lyrics the same way that a sergeant major might yell out orders to his men.

It was quite a small room they played in, but it was packed, and so it soon became like a sauna. But the beer was good, and the music loud, and I got some what I like to think were some good shots.

Of course I bought the album, which comes in red vinyl and is limited to 329 copies. It isn't going to be available on CD, but the album comes with a code, so you can download the songs, so you can listen to them digitally.

Here's a WEBLINK to a video of their latest single, and highlight of the album.