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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Party In The Park

Today I popped over to Wollaton Park, as it was hosing a food & drink festival.

It was quite interesting to see all the different food and drink that was on offer. All grown or made locally.Yes, I know Pimms isn't a local drink, but I like the red of the marquee against the colour of the hall and stormy sky.

Besides food related tastings, there was also some cookery demonstrations hosted by well known chefs. I missed the one by Levi Roots, but sat in the ones by the Fabulous Baker Brothers and my friend Raz, who owns the Curry Lounge restaurant in the city centre, which was famously criticised by Gordon Ramsey a couple of years ago.

The show also featured varied arts and crafts, including glassblowing, a blacksmith an painter and some woodworkers who were using chainsaws to create sculptures from tree trunks.