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Friday, 19 September 2008

The Car's The Star

Here's one final photo from the set of Dorian Gray. It's a Fiat, but don't know from what date. Probably around 1915.

To answer the various questions that have been posed this week; alas no I won't be turning up as an extra in the movie, as they weren't filming when I was there, or even recruiting for the day. I would love to be in a film or TV programme. Maybe one day.

I also didn't see any actors wandering around. I had no idea they were making the film. I just happen to be taking a stroll through the college grounds, and came across all the activity by accident. I know nothing at all about the film or who's in it. I have no idea who Ben Barnes is & would probably be more interested in the older character actors anyway and of course the actresses.