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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hanging Around

This week's headbanger subject is 'with strings attached' and was picked by Dave. Another theme to get the brain going. An early contender was Gail's guitar, which unfortunately has been languishing in it's bag for the best part of two years. But walking around town I remembered the balloon seller, and so went to hunt him out. When I saw him, he was having some problem with the balloons, as it was windy and all the strings had got entwined and so he was having some difficulty straightening them out.

Don't forget to see what Dave and the others in the gang have come up with this week. Links above.

My daily photo today is one I took last night, as I walked around town with a fellow Flickr photographer. We both agreed this window display in a clothes shop looked a bit macabre, with the headless manikins being hung up by a single chain (or string) from the ceiling. I went back today to take some more photos, but there was too much reflection in the windows and didn't look so effective as they did when it was dark.