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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Street Life

Headbanger Wednesday again, and Tom's choice this week is of a reflected image in water. An interesting subject matter, and open to all sorts of interpretations. I have quite a few possibilities in my archive, but chose this one, as I like the colour of the brickwork against the black of the wet road.

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As promised yesterday, here's another 'now and then' photograph. This is Theatre Square, named naturally because of the presence of the Theatre Royal, a fine Victorian building of great note. In the undated original, but going on the fashions I'd say the 1910s, the County Hotel adjoined it, but shamelessly knocked down many years ago. The Royal Centre now stands in its place. The road layout has clearly changed, mainly thanks to the tram. Alas I do not know what happened to the statue, or who it is of.