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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bookman Oldstyle

Today marked an important day in the history of libraries in England. As the "Read-In' event took place in many libraries across the country to demonstrate to the Government that people were not happy about the cuts proposed to the service. This would mean that the libraries would not be open so long during the week, new books wouldn't be bought so often and in some cases the library would shut down completely, leaving many having to visit another some distance away.

I had never seen so many people in the library on a Saturday morning. There were a couple of speakers waxing lyrically about the importance of such buildings, who also read some poetry about books. Many of the members were taking out books, although I didn't see anyone take out their full 24 book allowance. In many parts of the country authors and famous people were visiting their local branch or sending messages of support.

Lets hope it does the trick and Number 10 decide that it is an idea that is quietly scrapped.