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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cleaning Up

Due to Imac not being available this week, I was asked to submit an idea for this week's Headbanger Challenge. Being put on the spot, I quickly came up with the theme of 'cleaning'. A very wide ranging theme I think you'll agree, and something that everyone has to do at one time or another; be it the house, the car or even oneself. At the moment I am sorting out all my magazines, videos, books and records. Cleaning out unwanted possessions. I'm going to try and sell some of them, so I might clean-up in another way as well!

Then there are all the people that keep workplaces neat and tidy, and usually without any thanks. Not forgetting all the council employees who work as dustmen, streetsweepers and park-keepers. This where my photo comes in; a groundsman cleaning away all the dead leaves from the castle grounds last autumn.

The subject of today's photo will also need some clearing away. Whilst cycling to work, I noticed a big plume of black smoke coming from the canal. I knew it couldn't be a bar-b-que as it was too early in the day, and too much smoke for a bonfire. So of course I had to take a look, and saw this small boat well alight. A couple of men had called the fire brigade. So I watched as they put the fire out. Coming back tonight, I had a look and there was a darkened shell of the boat floating around on the water.

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