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Monday, 28 February 2011

Dancing In The City

This shot shows some of the lights that twinkle across the cityscape most nights, together with some from the Light Night festival. The smoke you can see in the distance is from the local household waste site, where they burn rubbish to make heat for the nearby council houses.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Car's The Star

During the Light Night festival, I came across this sculpture of a car made from neon tubes. It looked very effective, but because it was placed so close to buildings, I had to walk the whole way round to get the best angle.

It was actually there to promote the new Range Rover car, which is a smaller version of the classic 4x4 vehicle from the 1970s.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

They Are Not Amused

This former amusement arcade at the top of Hockley is been closed for a few years now, but plans are afoot to turn it into a supermarket. A Sainsbury's for a change, rather than the usual Tesco's. Although Tesco already have a quite a large store on the opposite side of the road!
I hope that Sainsbury's will retain the overall character of the building, but repair the outside and give it a good lick of paint.

Friday, 25 February 2011

The Puppet Master

Many people of a certain age will remember Sooty and Sweep and their owner "Mr Corbett". Apparently Harry Corbett 'found' Sooty in a toyshop in Blackpool back in the 1950s. Sooty didn't speak, but did magic tricks, with the special phrase of "Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy". When Harry died, his son Matthew took over and other characters were introduced like Ramsbottom the snake.

This window display was in my local branch of Past Times. A shop that specialises in reproduction artefacts from Victorian times and onwards. They usually have a good range of things, including jewellery, books, CDs and mementos from times gone by. You can see one of the mice from Bagpuss in the bottom right hand corner, which was a great TV series from the 1970s.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


As an early birthday/wedding anniversary treat, Gail and I tried a fairly new restaurant in town tonight. It's directly opposite the Robin Hood statue. We had obtained this voucher from the Internet which enabled us to receive a good discount on the food bill. We both enjoyed our meals, but the portions weren't massive. Still just enough to tide us over until breakfast.

Fothergill's is quite a small restaurant, and there wasn't that many people in. Forever on the lookout for a photo opportunity, I spotted a shadow of Gail holding her glass on the side of the bar. Not the best shot that I've ever taken, and Gail certainly doesn't look like E.T, but I think there is a certain arty mystique about it.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Just Trippin Man

This week's Headbanger Challenge is called 'just now' and was dreamt up by Lanny. Most topics aren't too difficult for me to find something suitable to put on, but I've had a bit of a problem with this one for some reason. I wasn't sure what I could show. Something from the demonstrations, or Light Night perhaps? Then it came to me in a flash, I'll put a photo on of my website, just at that point I was sorting out my latest entry.

Don't forget to have a look at the rest of the team's interpretation of the theme. All very different I believe.

Today's photo is a rather tweaked version of a failed picture that I took on Light Night. There was meant to be a balloon flying above the castle, but due to wet and windy conditions, it was cancelled. Instead, the pilot of the balloon let people climb into the basket and pull the lever that lets the flame out. So I have fiddled with it a bit and given it a bit of a psychedelic look. So turn on, tune in and drop out..

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Grim Reaper

There were two demonstrations in the Old Market Square at lunchtime today. The earlier one, which I unfortunately missed, as it was ending when I got there, was about the current situation in Libya. The other one was about the planned spending cuts by Nottingham City Council. There were quite a few people and banners there that I recognised from Saturday's demo. Instead of showing you the usual people holding banners & placards, I thought you might like to see someone who made a bit of effort and came as The Grim Reaper.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Look Both Ways

Whilst watching the protest while they began the long walk along the High Road, I noticed the writing on the zebra crossing. I wondered if I could take a photo that matched the instruction. So I stood and watched for that 'decisive moment' as HCB put it. Here's the result. I'm quite happy with it; the two men facing each other. Although of course, I probably missed that best shot ever.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Over The Hill

Here's a different shot of the marchers yesterday. I took this while the were walking over a railway bridge. I was at the bottom looking up and took it from a very low angle. Something different for a Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Post About The Post

This afternoon there was a mass demonstration in Beeston against plans to privatise the Royal Mail and the ongoing spending cuts being imposed by the Government. There must have been well over 300 people in the march, either carrying banners, shouting slogans or blowing vuvuzelas. All in all it was a very light hearted affair, with none of the scuffles with police that you sometimes see reported on the news
The march started at the sorting office, went along the High Road and then they convened at a social club, where several speakers, including Broxtowe's former MP talked about the situation and the way forward. There are local government elections later this year, and no doubt this question will be on a lot of electors' minds.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Light Time

I have no idea what this piece of art is called. But it was being pushed around on a little trolley affair. There were quite a few different things going on. Although I don't think it was as busy as previous years. But I took a number of photos. Some of which I'll probably show you next week.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lights, Camera, But No Action

Whilst walking past the castle yesterday, I noticed some guys taking photos of a car. I should have stopped to have a chat, but was in a bit of a hurry. Fortunately they were there again today, so I stopped and chatted to one of them while they were setting up the next shot. Apparently they are in Nottingham for a few days, taking photos of this new Suzuki Splash for the brochure that you can obtain at showrooms, or through the post. I saw one of the shots that they took last night on their laptop of the car outside some of the smaller shops in town, and it looked quite good. Obviously with some careful editing, it will look very good. The general theme to the photos appears to be that the car is very adaptable and useful for driving around the city.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Who's Next

Another Wednesday Headbanger challenge. This weeks theme is 'tracks' , and comes courtesy of the Fishing Guy himself; Tom.

I thought about things that I didn't want to show. Cliched ideas like animal footprints, tyre marks and train lines. So I thought of one of my other hobbies; namely listening to music. So my header this week is a close up of an old vinyl record, or LP as they used to be known. And here's the full sized thing. Side One of the Who's epic opus Quadrophenia, which is about the adventures and life of a Mod in the early 1960s. It was also made into a film in 1978 staring Phil Daniels and an unknown Sting. What is also amusing is that the company who released the album is called Track Records!

Don't forget to visit the others in the team and see what they have come up with.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Here's Looking At You Kid

Had a stroll around the Lace Market today. While I was walking past the Contemporary Gallery, I happen to look in the window where some of the exhibits are on show. I found that the room was empty, except for the guide, who was looking a bit bored with having no one to watch. But someone was watching her! One of the works of art created by Anne Collier, whose photographs are on show until the end of March.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Roses Are Red

As everyone should know, and shame on you if you don't, today is Valentine's Day. The one day in the year when people think of their loved one; be it girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. Although really it should be everyday. I tell Gail that I love her at least once a day, everyday. Today she opened a card that I had created on one of the many websites where you can create your own, using templates. And tonight I cooked her a meal, and she opened her present, a DVD of the Hot Tub Time Machine movie. Gail had also created a card, and bought me a USB stick in the shape of a pen.

To those who read this blog and don't have a 'significant other' at the moment. Don't give up. Love found me, although it took nearly 40 years to arrive.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Round And Round Again

For the fourth year running, the big wheel is being erected in the Old Market Square, for it's three month tour of duty. I must admit is is getting rather old hat now, and as it is in the same place, it's not worth going on, as Nottingham hasn't changed that much since it first arrived.

I know many of my Flickr pals are also bored of it. I think most people have shot it at almost every conceivable angle; in colour and monochrome and at night, as well as in the day. Also three months is too long, as it stops other events from happening in the area.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Fruit Pastels

This street artist was just starting on a sketch of the Mona Lisa and had a small audience gathered round him when I arrived. He had already finished another representation of a well known oil painting. I watched him for a while, while he worked on the face area with his pastels. I don't know if he sold them at the end, but I am surprised to find out that he uses hairspray to presumably stop the colours from smudging.

One of the best street artists I've seen, is a guy who makes his pictures look 3 dimensional. You may have seen them, as they often do the rounds through email. If not, here's a link to some examples.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Caught The Bug

Here's a brand new VW Beetle sporting Herbie's numbers, which I took last night in a local car park. It's strange how some car models get reintroduced after time. As you may know, both Gail and I have modern versions of classic cars. Gail has a new MINI and I have a Fiat 500. They are super cars; although I do prefer driving my 500, as I have struggled with the MINI's gear stick in the past. Not sure why; maybe the gears aren't as smooth as the Fiats.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Play Tray

When I was small, I loved to read the stories of the Moomins. Those strange white hippo like creatures who live in a strange world based on Finland. The stories sometimes appeared on Jackanory, where an actor told the stories using funny voices. I think Kenneth Williams appeared the most times.
Anyway I was surprised to see this tea tray in a card and gift shop on Bridalsmith Gate. All the characters are there, having fun, and not a touch of snow anywhere.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Invisible Man

This week's Headbanger theme is courtesy of Imac and is "How You See Yourself". A rather difficult subject for me, as I don't. I don't really like having my photo taken and I don't like seeing myself in mirrors. So my header this week is one where you can't see me at all. Just my shape, which I took in the lift at work.

Today's blog picture is also of me; my outline, and taken on another sunny day this week. Keep em coming!

Don't forget to see how my blogging buddies see themselves and enjoy the video, with the knowledge that spring is on its way.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A Touch Too Much

Passing Paul Smith's first shop off Bridalsmith Gate I noticed that they had a homage to one of the world's best rock bands; namely Australia's own AC/DC. I'm not sure what the link is between designer clothes and loud music, but it made for a nice display. I really like the model of Angus Young. Just a shame he's not wearing his schoolboy cap.

Monday, 7 February 2011

No Way Out

Although this looks like a very high wall (which it is) and could possibly be a prison (which it isn't), it is in fact another shot of The Tunnel. The "secret" entrance to the Park. The sunshine and blue sky makes it look even more special.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Two Heads May Be Better Than One

This weekend there were meant to be some celebrations in Beeston for the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately they were cancelled half way through the morning due to high winds and rain. So I didn't really get the opportunity of taking any photos. Also this year, the council had put up some posters warning people about taking pictures, and possibly breaking the Data Protection Act. I'm not sure how that works, considering it's a public place.

So here's some graffiti instead. Not quite sure what Act it breaks, besides being classed as vandalism. I don't know who the two guys are meant to be. Musicians from a band perhaps.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Bookman Oldstyle

Today marked an important day in the history of libraries in England. As the "Read-In' event took place in many libraries across the country to demonstrate to the Government that people were not happy about the cuts proposed to the service. This would mean that the libraries would not be open so long during the week, new books wouldn't be bought so often and in some cases the library would shut down completely, leaving many having to visit another some distance away.

I had never seen so many people in the library on a Saturday morning. There were a couple of speakers waxing lyrically about the importance of such buildings, who also read some poetry about books. Many of the members were taking out books, although I didn't see anyone take out their full 24 book allowance. In many parts of the country authors and famous people were visiting their local branch or sending messages of support.

Lets hope it does the trick and Number 10 decide that it is an idea that is quietly scrapped.

Friday, 4 February 2011

A Night Snack

Gail and I have just come back from a meal at Frankie and Bennies. We met up with some of Gail's workmates, as one of them was leaving. I had a pizza and Gail had steak and chips. I enjoyed my pizza, but I think that I shook a little too much Tabasco sauce on it, as my mouth was a bit fiery afterwards. Still the vanilla cheesecake helped to cool it down a bit.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Letting Someone Else Do The Work

Whilst considering a winning photo for this week's Headbanger Challenge, (well done to Lanny by the way) I took this shot of Marmalade snoozing on top of the tumble dryer. It wasn't on at the time, as I don't think even our little sleepyhead would be able to get forty winks whilst it going round, as it is very noisy. But she does look very comfortable, perched atop the cushion for Gail's sun lounger.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cleaning Up

Due to Imac not being available this week, I was asked to submit an idea for this week's Headbanger Challenge. Being put on the spot, I quickly came up with the theme of 'cleaning'. A very wide ranging theme I think you'll agree, and something that everyone has to do at one time or another; be it the house, the car or even oneself. At the moment I am sorting out all my magazines, videos, books and records. Cleaning out unwanted possessions. I'm going to try and sell some of them, so I might clean-up in another way as well!

Then there are all the people that keep workplaces neat and tidy, and usually without any thanks. Not forgetting all the council employees who work as dustmen, streetsweepers and park-keepers. This where my photo comes in; a groundsman cleaning away all the dead leaves from the castle grounds last autumn.

The subject of today's photo will also need some clearing away. Whilst cycling to work, I noticed a big plume of black smoke coming from the canal. I knew it couldn't be a bar-b-que as it was too early in the day, and too much smoke for a bonfire. So of course I had to take a look, and saw this small boat well alight. A couple of men had called the fire brigade. So I watched as they put the fire out. Coming back tonight, I had a look and there was a darkened shell of the boat floating around on the water.

Don't forget to have a look at the gang's submissions for this week and enjoy the musical interlude.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Golden Days

A very bright sun appeared today for a change. What a difference it makes to my mood and the temperature. Still finding it difficult to find good subjects that are worth taking a photo of though. But here's a shot of a street that is paved with gold.