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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bicycle Clips

Tonight Gail and I went to a local hotel called The Belfry for a Christmas party organised for the people she works with at the hospital.

There was a bit of a 70s, 80s theme, and some people had dressed in period costume. Someone even dressed up to resemble Mr T. But we just wore normal clothes.

The food was quite good, but we left before the disco started as Gail didn't feel very well for some reason. Not the food, just a lot of coughing, as we were both coming down with colds.

Whilst I was waiting for Gail, I noticed that the hotel had dedicated a wall to local bike company Raleigh. Besides a bit frieze on the wall featuring photos and advertising pictures about the company, there were six picture frames hung on the wall, and each one contained a model of one of their famous bikes.

The one above depicts one of their tandems from the early 1900s, whilst below is probably their most well known and idolised models; the Chopper from 1970. They look very realistic and must have taken quite a time to make, as they look scratch built, rather than being made from a kit.