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Monday, 3 December 2012

Lighting Up Time

By the time we had left Beauvale Priory it was getting dark, commonly known as the Blue Hour. Just as we were driving down the main road, Gail and I had spotted this overtly decorated semi detached house.

Of course, I just had to stop the car, as it was a great photo opportunity, as it's not everyday you see a house lit up in such a way.

It was really eye-catching, with several Santa's, snowmen and reindeer. Plus trees, vehicles and a nativity scene. There was a serious reason behind the light show, as the owners of the house have done it to raise funds for the special cancer unit at the City Hospital.

Whilst we were there, passers by and motorists were continually stopping to add their donations to the growing mountain of cash. The collection point was novel; a long pipe, leading to a chimney with Santa sitting on the top.