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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

It's All Over Now

Well it's a bit of a sad day today as I say goodbye to the friends that I have made during the time that I have worked for Ofsted; practically the past 11 and a half years.

As with every other part of the Civil Service, there has been many changes going on within the organisation to save money and streamline procedures, and so have recently found myself without a permanent position within the office, and have therefore been encouraged to look for another job elsewhere.

Fortunately the HMRC (the taxman) came across my CV and have offered me a job with them, which I take up next month. So I have two weeks off to rest and to enjoy myself, before starting my new job.

So I have spent the day deleting emails and sorting out my desk. It's surprising how much junk and paperwork one can accumulate, even though I tend to have regular sort outs.

The picture above shows some of the stuff that I have on my desk to make it a little more friendly and a bit like home. One of my co-workers has a lot more than this. In fact she has to have a crate when she moves desks!