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Sunday, 3 February 2013

You Rang M'Lord

Gail and I travelled to Grantham today, to have a look at a big superstore called Downtown.

It sells all sorts of things from furniture to clothes and gardening supplies.

We had a look around and I saw a wooden office chair, similar in style to one you would see on an old sailing ship. So I just had to sit in it, as I like the sea and maritime nick-nacks. Although I dislike being in the water. Which is an odd thing to say, being a Pisces.

It was very comfortable. And so I just sat there, whilst Gail had a look at some sofas and tables.

On the lovely wooden desk was this replica telephone, that probably someone under the age of 30 wouldn't recognise.

Although it looked like it was made of metal, it was actually very light and so only had a metal coating. To look really good, it should have been made out of Bakelite.