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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Head And Shoulders Above The Rest

Besides the Daleks, the biggest foe of the Doctor is the Cybermen.  Those seven foot unemotional androids who shout "delete" as they shoot anything that stands in their way to domination of the universe.

They first made their appearance in 1966, and have been appearing on and off since then. A little curious fact is that they battled every doctor except Jon Pertwee. Which sadly makes only the Daleks to face each of the eleven variations of the Timelord.

I went to the Contemporary today, as their latest exhibition has just opened.It's called "The Universal Addressibility of Dumb Things".  A rather pompous title for a exhibition if I've ever heard one.

Still what was on show, is a bit better than some that's been on lately. I was therefore surprised to see the head of a Cyberman as an exhibit.  After I took the photo, I was told off, as apparently this time you couldn't take pictures, due to some complex copyright problem between the exhibitors. This is a great shame, as I wanted to take a shot of a giant 30ft Felix, that was also on show. I feel a sneaky pic adventure coming on.