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Monday, 1 April 2013

A Chip Off The Old Block

I did a spot of DIY today. I've been meaning to shave a bit of the bottom of the kitchen door for a while now, as it's started scraping a bit on the floor. Oh, I've rhymed without knowing it!

I've been put off doing it recently by the bad weather. But the sun had come out a bit today, and it was chilly, rather than freezing. So I removed the screws from the hinges and carried the door outside. I then got my tools out and set to work, shaving off some wood from the bottom of the door.

Whilst I was working, I realised that the plane I was using must be nearly as old, if not older than me. It was my late father's. Dear old dad, he did enjoy doing his DIY, gardening and messing around with engines. He was good at it as well. He practically rebuilt one house we used to live in.

Alas, I'm not as handy as he was. But I can do the basics, like re-wiring a plug and unblocking a sink. My gardening skills aren't too bad either. At least I can tell the difference between a flower and a weed. Although some people say that weeds are flowers, but they are just growing in the wrong place.

I couldn't tell you how many times this old tool has been used down the years. Or what sorts of wood that it has worked on.  Like most things these days, I doubt that they make them as good as this anymore. A lot of planes nowadays are electric, and mass produced in the far east. This one was proudly made in Birmingham.